Rose McGowan Look In Connan The barbarian Take 6 hours to look like this

Trailer for this summer's epic reimagining of Conan the Barbarian was released Thursday, and it not only gave us our first look at Jason Momoa as the titular hero, but also Rose McGowan as the evil witch woman Marique.

In the trailer, McGowan's character bends both sword and sorcery to her will, but more importantly some unlucky stylist had to spend a big chunk of time every day bending that crazy hair to her will. She told Women's Wear Daily that her high forehead, twisted hair, and all the rest "required six hours of makeup each day starting at 2:30 in the morning."

In the press notes for the movie, Rose says the all-leather skin-tight costumes were as difficult as the make-up.

"The costumes were feats of engineering, and it took two people to get me in and out of almost every one of them,” she said. “All of them except for one I could not sit in, so at lunch I would just kind of stand in my trailer because I didn’t want to hurt them. They were all leather and had so many different pieces.”

Rose has been circling Conan material for a while. At one point she was attached to a Red Sonja project to be directed by Robert Rodriguez, but after that fell through, she found herself involved in the new Conan movie, which is due out August 19.

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