Mortal Kombat Legacy FIRST CLIP

Mortal Kombat is coming back in a big way this year with their game recently reaching Gold status and expected to be eviscerating spines in your console of choice soon. In addition to the game we have the upcoming web series that we can now share footage of Jax and Kano in action.

I think it looks decent. Not great but definitely not awful. Some of the fight scenes are a little weak as they just seem to be too obviously choreographed and I swear that they’re not even pretending to look like they’re running at full speed. Someone in the edit room needs to speed this up to 1.5x speed, throw in some shaky cam cus its popular, and give that one a do over. Overall it’s on the radar because this may be the very best translation from videogame to live action I’ve seen in… well, ever.

To download : link

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