New Posters: ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ ‘Page One,’ ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,’ ‘Melancholia’ and Many More

New Poster From Sleeping beauty
There have been a great many new posters in the past few days. Just this afternoon we’ve seen new one-sheets for the doc Page One: Inside the New York Times, the horror remake Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Miranda July‘s odd-sounding new drama The Future, and Lars Von Trier‘s Melancholia. Plus earlier this week there were new sheets for tantalizing Cannes debut Sleeping Beauty, The Art of Getting By, What’s Your Number?, The Ledge, The Beaver and Troll Hunter. They’re all after the break, along with info on each film and links to the trailers.

New Poster From Page One

New Poster From The Future

New Poster From What your Number

New Poster From Troll Hunter

New Poster From Beaver

New Poster From Don't Be Afraid Of Dark

New Poster From To Melancholia

New Poster From The Getting By

New Poster From The Ledge

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