Anarchy Reigns First Look Trailer

Anarchy reigns
It's a third person, multi-player brawler where the rules are meant to be broken...and so are bones.

It's all about chaos in Anarchy Reigns. Just because this is a multi-player game doesn't mean you can't be a lone wolf and play by yourself. There is plenty of story to go around, as well as a ton of playable characters. (We couldn't get a definite answer on how many, but if the character screen that was up when we entered is to be believed, there are at least 16. Still, it's in development and that could certainly change. There is a single player campaign mode and we were told that there will be multiple types of multi-player campaigns including death match.

We didn't get a lot of info on the story, but we learned that in single player mode, you can play as Jack from Madworld (though there is really no connection to the game) or Leo. Jack is a giant, meat hook-handed bad ass who looks like he might be the long lost twin of Ron Perlman. He's a trash talking dude with a giant double-bladed chainsaw. We watched him take out a group of sort of sexy ninjas, including their boss, Zero. In multi-player mode, Zero is a playable character. There was slicing and dicing through the Chaodionsi Temple, where we learned that the ethos of the game is “close combat.” This is in-your-face fighting. We also got to check out Leo...he of the long emo hair, slender build and sarcastic wit. (What we saw of him was very anime. During his intro, he contemplates falling crow feathers as they drift through his fingers. Twihards, we've found your character.) He's the polar opposite of Jack, and we got to watch them verbally face off during a cut scene, fighting about the attempted murder of a man named Maximilian. We also got to check out a bit of their battle which looked pretty fantastic.

The stories of Jack and Leo are intertwined and we were told that, to understand the entire story, you really have to play through as both of them. Though we didn't get to play, (the line at the booth was insane and the demo was just shown to us) it was explained that Anarchy Reigns will attempt to challenge the boundaries of the conventional brawler. The game is looking at a January 2012 release.

Check out the trailer in the player below!

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